Inuka Southern Highlands CBR runs a successful social business which aims to contribute to financial sustainability of the organization and with the aim of empowering people living with disabilities. The profit generated by the business contributes to cover partially the expenses of health and rehabilitation services offered at the hospital, particularly to the children living with disabilities.

Inuka Farm

Sunflower and maize fields, fruit plantation and animal farming are the main activity of our farm. The products are sold on the local market and in the Dar es Salaam farmers market. 

Inuka Sunflower Oil

An oil mill producing edible sunflower oil of excellent quality. The crops needed for the oil production are partially grown by Inuka Farm and partially purchased by local farmers through a contract farming agreement. This type of agreement has a positive impact on the surrounding community ensuring starting capital, training and a market at fair prices for the crops. 

Mikono Yetu

Is an informal group of people living with disabilities and their family members which produces handcraft products to be sold on the Tanzanian and international market. Inuka facilitates the production and commercialization of the handmade products.

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Social Impact for Our Business

Several people living with disabilities and others in vulnerable conditions are actively involved in production, marketing and delivery of our products.

Our Social business creates employment for the community and supports the health and rehabilitation services offered by Inuka CBR.

Buy Our Products

By buying from us you support INUKA services and all the people living with disabilities employed in this sector. You can receive more information on our products via email or phone.

Sunflower Oil and Farm Products

Mikono Yetu