Today is a special day for Inuka Southern Highlands CBR: the installation of a 55kW photovoltaic plant has been concluded and we can now say that Inuka went green and is operating in a more sustainable way! This project has been realized with the financial and technical support of HAKUNA MATATA CHARITY and PROSOLIDAR FOUNDATION. 

The 179 photovoltaic modulesguarantee energy to the hospital without interruptions caused by lack of electricity due to heavy rains or wind blowing intensely. This outcome will improve the services to our patients, particularly for the provision of assistive devices which delivery was often delayed by lack of electricity.

The goal achieved is the result of a long and demanding work, conducted by the efforts of many people who along with us believe that disability is not inability but simply a different and special way to live the life.

A special THANKS goes to HAKUNA MATATA CHARITY and PROSOLIDAR FOUNDATION, which share our objectives and have supported our organization for a long time.

A unique “ASANTE SANA” (Thanks in Swahili language) to SUNSWEET SOLAR COMPANY which, despite the challenges, successfully installed the photovoltaic system.

Finally, a special thanks to all the people dedicating their time and professionalism to INUKA, improving its high-quality and low-cost services provided to children and adults in need of health and rehabilitation services.