A priest from the Roman Catholic diocese of Njombe with experience in pastoral work analyzing, developing and implementing rural development programs for less privileged populations in the areas of health, education, electrification, agriculture, climate change, water and sanitation. Former Caritas and development Director.

After completing his bachelor degree in theology at Salvatorian institute/ now Jordan university in Tanzania he had the chance to study at Benedictine University and complete a bachelor degree in Business and administration in USA. With his strong desire for knowledge, he continued his studies and quickly completed a master’s degree in business administration. He has now the opportunity to put his knowledge at our disposal and making the best use of it in the service of the community. His aim is to establish systems, processes, and programs that will drive the people and the diocese towards financial sustainability, sustainable development and inclusiveness of most vulnerable people.

Named by Rt. rev Afred Maluma to serve us as director since March 2021 he is doing an admirable job!

We are pleased to be led by him.

Karibu sana