Our Farm has the aim to contribute to the sustainibility of  INUKA CBR PROGRAM and to empower people living with disabilities through skill transfer and employment.
The farm also aims to contribute to food security and poverty reduction in Njombe Region, empowering small scale farmers of the area.

  Sunflower oil production 

We produce a double refined pure sunflower oil, extracted  from the finest locally grown sunflower seeds. Our oil preserves all the nutrients during the production process and it’s valued for its light taste and frying performances. Sunflower oil is low in fats and provides more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil.

Besides the sunflower oil we produce also the sunflower cake, sold on the local market mainly as animal feed rich in protein and fibre.

  Fields and Contract Farming  

Inuka Farm cultivates annually over 60 acres of land, main cultivation are the sunflower fields but also maize and other crops are grown.

Inuka Farm aims to improve life of small scale farmers in Wanging’ombe District through Contract Farming, an approach that is strongly recommended also by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization). The farmers get high quality seeds, fertilizer and technical support. Furthermore the farmers receive advice and monitoring of their fields from our experts during all phases of cultivation.

Inuka Farm buys the harvested product form the farmers at a fair price and add value to it producing sunflower oil.