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Another important step towards Inuka’s sustainability!

On March 20th, the Regional Commissioner of Njombe Region, Mr. Aseri Msangi visited Inuka Rehabilitation Centre in Wanging’ombe.

The visit lasted one hour and Mr. Msangi took the opportunity to see the whole structure, he also met the disabled patients and the working staff. He was also shown the income generating activities area, particularly the sunflower oil mill which in future should contribute the 30% of Inuka’s income.

Mr. Msangi showed interest in the mission of INUKA SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS CBR, asking many questions about its activities.

This day represented a moment of primary importance for Inuka. Mr. Msangi’s visit was a remarkable evidence of the cooperation that is strengthening day after day among Inuka and the Tanzanian Government.

At the moment the Government grants the centre a full -time physiotherapist and some other staff. The aim is to reach the complete sustainability also increasing the revenue from Tanzanian Government.

Among the challenges discussed during the visit, the attention was focused on the high rate of abandoned disabled children by their fathers. The Government should face this problem and push men to take care of their disabled children.

Mr. Msangi’s visit showed the remarkable importance of Inuka CBR in Rehabilitation Services in Njombe Region and in the entire Southern Highlands Area. 


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Inuka services go on growing, through the improvement of the orthopedic workshop.

One of the major challenges children with severe disability face in rural Tanzania is the lack of supportive devices in their daily life, at home or at school. For many of them, it is almost impossible to move, sit or stand in a proper position without a support. This has extreme consequences on their health. For this reason, we are glad that we were able to upgrade our Orthopedic Workshop at Inuka Rehabilitation Cen
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